Recognize Cultural Differences

Recognize Cultural Differences to Individualize Your Customer Service

How do you individualize your customer service? We have outlined a number of ways in our article in the December 2016 issue of TRENDS magazine entitled, “Individualize Customer Service.” In our last two posts, we offered a peak into two of our cafeteria of tips: “listening – to the music as well as the lyrics,” and understanding personality types.

In this post, we introduce the importance to understanding and recognizing cultural differences as a means of focusing on each individual.

If you live in a community with diverse clients, bi-lingual staff will enable you to address clients according to their needs. Debbie Anderson  has operated veterinary practices with her husband in six countries, while he served as a military veterinarian. Now in Chula Vista, CA, with Otay Pet Vets, she serves clients who are Hispanic, Filipino, White and Black. Her staff is bi-lingual, including a groomer who is deaf and greets clients with American Sign Language (ASL). Greeted in their language, her clients perceive the service in a positive way.

Take some time to explore this concept and see how it works for you. And, if you can’t wait for our subsequent posts outlining additional tips, you can read the entire article.

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