Our mission is to provide  you with the tools you will need to build a satisfying and profitable business.

Client satisfaction, client compliance, increased client return rates, quality service, employee retention, staff performance and ultimately your business profits depend on effective communication within your practice.

Since employees possess different communication styles and skills, we are here to help you develop in all of your staff members the skills for consistent positive and respectful interaction with clients and with each. Learn More


Your staff members work hard to maintain the highest medical standards that the veterinarian profession requires. You provide services which your customers require – expanding and updating continually.  You hire team members with the appropriate training and compassion for the animals they serve.

In addition, communication – honest, congruent, compassionate communication – works to build a strong team and loyal client base.  In addition to your veterinary medicine skills, staff performance, and ultimately your business profits, depend on effective communication.

Communication Case Studies:Building Interpersonal Skills in the Veterinary Practice is the resource that will help you and your veterinary staff develop the workplace communication skills you need.


Enjoy one of our cases, “Is Tabby Toby Too Tubby?”  You’ll see that learning can be fun and relevant.  Through our book, developed specifically for the veterinary practice, our training, blogs, and discussion, you’ll find yourself engaged in learning by relating to familiar dilemmas and scenarios.  We bring together those in the veterinary practice (or other workplaces, too) who know how important effective communication is to the success of your business.

Check out Communication Case Studies: Building Interpersonal Skills for the Veterinary Practice. Then let us know how using our cases has helped your business improve its performance, and share with us communication dilemmas you have experienced. You may see your situation show up in one of our future cases!

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