Articles and Cases

For many years we have been writing for the veterinary profession with articles and cases in Veterinary News Practices Online, Trends magazine, American Veterinary Magazine, and in the Veterinary Team Brief.

If you’d like to catch up on your reading, click on any of the articles below.


Ethics Case, “A Rusty Dilemma,” Trends, November, 2017

“Online Reviews,” Trends, March, 2017

Lexus Dental Care, Trends, February, 2017

“Individualized Customer Service: Tips to Improve Your Client Relations,” Trends, December, 2016

“How to Work Our Conflicts in the Veterinary Practice with Mediation,” VPN Online, November, 2016.

“The Latest Greatest Resource on Veterinarian Communication,” VPN Online, November, 2016.

“Cat Lovers Unite: How to Drive Cat Owners to Your Vet Practice,” VPN Online, October, 2016.

“How to Define Your Veterinary Practice’s Brand: Here Are 6 Tips,” VPNOnline, July, 2016. 

“The Dynamic Speaker: How to capture your audience,” Trends, June 2016

“Care for Life: 11 tips to ensure you’re around for the life of the pet,” Trends, April 2016

“The Millennials Are Here,” Trends Jan 2016

Setting Your Prices, Knowing Your Costs Is the Place to Begin,” Trends, Dec. 2015

“The Experience That Makes the Difference, In the New Economy, Client Experience Is Key,” Trends, Nov. 2015 

“Secure Your Data, A Data Security Risk is a Risk to the Existence of Your Business,” Trends, July 2015

“Show Them the Money, Pricing Transparency is Becoming a Hot Topic,” Trends, June 2015

“Are You a Breed Apart? 10 Strategies for Defining Your Brand,”  Trends, April 2015

“Social Media:Are You Onboard? Get The Most Out of Your Online Presence,” Trends, March, 2015

“State of Pain, Pain Management is Still an Evolving Field,” Trends, January, 2015

“Financial Efficiency, 8 Ways to Keep You From Being Behind The 8-ball,” Trends,  Aug. 2014

“5 Steps to the Perfect Team, Building a Practice Team That Works Well Together is The Key to Efficiency,” Trends, June, 2014

“Attracting and Maintaining Clients – Efficiently, 5 Ways to Draw in and Keep Clients,” Trends, July 2014

“Switching to the Long-handled Shovel, How an Electronic Medical Records System Can Increase Efficiency,”  Trends, May, 2014

“Overcoming Dentaphobia, How Do You Persuade Your Clients to Embrace Pet Dental Care?” Trends, February, 2014

“Let Your Feline-Friendly Flag Fly, Perception of Cat Friendliness is Critical to Clients,” Trends, November 2013

“A Tale of Two Veterinarians, Veterinarians Benefit from Active Listening, Empathetic Communication Skills,” Trends, July, 2013

“Role Call, How to Make Role Playing an Effective Training Tool,” Trends, December, 2012

You’ll see a flare for the dramatic in our writing.  This is particularly true when we write cases.  These are realistic scenarios that could happen in any workplace.  You’ll recognize the players and their behaviors.  Our cases present situations and pose questions that can be reviewed by individuals or groups seeking broader perspective in communication behavior.

Some of our published cases which you can read include:

“The Scary Boss: When the boss intimidates, how do staff members cope?” published by AAHA in Trends magazine, March, 2010. 

“There Is a Bull in the Pen, You’re Told Not to Cry, Whine or Tattle. So How Do You Cope?” published by AAHA in Trends magazine, July/August, 2010

Other cases that have been published include:

“Let’s Have a Chat:Addressing talkative coworkers without stealing their voice,” published in Trends magazine, July/August, 2009

“Great Expectations: Communicating with new associates,” published in Trends magazine, February, 2009

“Was Tabby Toby Too Tubby? Helping clients keep pets’ obesity in check,” published in Trends magazine, November/December, 2008

“Let Me Help!  Want to take on additional responsibilities? Learn the right way to ask to do more,” published in Trends magazine, September/October, 2006

“Friends and Frenemies: Protocol differences among staff,” published in Trends magazine, January/February, 2009

For our book of cases and how to use them, CLICK ON: Communication Cases Studies: Building Interpersonal Skills for the Veterinary Practice, published by AAHA.

Also, keep up with our writing through our blogs.