Vets Learn Through Cases

Learning communication skills through the use of cases is a fun and practical way to learn.  Cases are used in medical training, in law and in business, so way not in the “soft skills” (the hardest to learn)?

Because the case study is a fictional scenario about something that could realistically happen in your clinic, you can identify with one or more of the players in the situation and begin to see the problem.

Our book, Communication Case Studies: Building Interpersonal Skills in the Veterinary Practice, is loaded with cases.  You’ll recognize some of the characters! Learn more.

You can read the cases privately, individually,  you can read them together as a staff, you can have members of your staff role-play the cases, or you can invite us to come to dramatize a case.  Any of these methods will work when they are followed with questions (furnished in the book) like “What was the problem?”  and “What behaviors caused the problem?”

Vet clinics that have had us dramatize a case and lead the disussion include Ark Animal Hospital of San Diego, California,  La Jolla Veterinary Hospital in California, and The Cat Doctor in Boise, Idaho.  Click on to our Press page for more details.

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