Understand Personality Types to Individualize Your Customer Service

Understand Personality Types to Individualize Your Customer Service

In our last post, we talked about “listening to the music, as well as the lyric” in order to focus individually on your customers.

Individualizing customer service can also mean focusing on the customer’s individual personality type . We have outlined a number of ways to focus individually in our article in the December 2016 issue of TRENDS magazine entitled, “Individualize Customer Service.”

In this post, we introduce the concept of personality types as a means of focusing on each individual.

You probably know, that there are a variety of personality types – extrovert, introvert, planners, those who are spontaneous, etc. But how would you know your client’s personality type? One way to become aware of personality differences is by using a personality analytical tool, such as Myers Briggs or DISC, with your staff.

Debbie Boone, who consults with practices, administers the DISC test. She helps staff understand how different personality types might appreciate different types of conversation. For example, the “D” persons are eager to skip the small talk and get to the results; they want the bottom line of prognosis and treatment. The “I” persons appreciate the staff recognizing their questions and concerns and are likely to want more time. The “S” persons also do not want to be rushed, but they are looking for empathy and support from the staff. “C” persons focus on accuracy and expertise and may want details regarding treatment. Individual persons will perceive excellent service differently and appreciate being addressed according to their preferences.

Take some time to explore this concept and see how it works for you. And, if you can’t wait for our subsequent posts outlining additional tips, you can read the entire article at www.veterinariancommunication.com (Articles and Cases).

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