Maintain the Personal Touch

Maintain the Personal Touch In order to individualize your customer services, you will want to maintain a personal touch. We have written an article, published in the December 2016 issue of TRENDS magazine, which outlines a number of ways you … Continue reading

Some Veterinarians Set Prices Using Activity-based Costing

Veterinarians need resources to set their prices. Activity-based costing is a strategy that many veterinary practices use.

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Continuing Education to Help Veterinarians Set Prices

This blogs lists several continuing education opportunities for veterinarians to learn how to set prices.

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Three Resources That Help Veterinarians Set Prices

Three Resources That Help Veterinarians Set Prices In our article, in the December issue of Trends Magazine, published by the American Animal Hospital Association, we outline the challenge veterinary practices – and other businesses – face in setting and managing … Continue reading

How Does Your Practice Set Your Prices?

Veterinary practices used various ways to set their prices. This blog is one of four blogs which describe tools available to veterinary practices when setting prices.

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Set the Stage for a Memorable Experience

Set the Stage for a Memorable ExperienceWalt Disney discovered how to create an “experience” for his visitors. He took a common activity like the enjoyment of amusement park rides, often encountered in a dirty and noisy town fair, and turned … Continue reading