Learn Through Cases

Why Learn Through Cases When It Comes To Communication Skills?

 Using a case study is a great way to learn.  It’s fun and practical.

 Because the case study is a fictional scenario about something that could realistically happen in your clinic, you can identify with one or more of the players in the situation and begin to see the problem.

 Our book, Communication Case Studies: Building Interpersonal Skills in the Veterinary Practice, is loaded with cases.  You’ll recognize some of the characters!

 The book also provides you with guidelines for how to learn through cases. Discussing the cases with your clinic colleagues is an enjoyable way to learn.  You can even add a bit of levity by role playing the case.

 After each case, communication experts have chimed in with their observations.  See how your thoughts compare to theirs.

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AN EXAMPLE: There is a Bull in the Pen (excerpts)

bullyingPeter Pawley, a new assistant manager at the Crown Animal Clinic, sat at his desk lost in daydreams. How had it all started, he wondered.

He put his feet up on the desk and stretched his less than five-foot frame. He had reminiscences of his childhood when his older brother had bullied him into submission on most everything. He had been taught by his parents that he was not to be a crybaby, no matter how badly he was treated, and to learn to take teasing….

In spite of his good work, however, he detected what he thought was unwarranted criticism. His boss returned several reports with simply “Do over” noted on the top. And he heard several of his colleagues tease him about the volume of work he put out. “Are you planning to own the place?” “Do you really think you know it all?” His nickname around the office was becoming “Little Peter” or, worse, “Little P, the Producer….”