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Loved it. I run a small personal services business and I’ve read tons of business books that all seem to say the same stuff over and over and over just to fill the pages. This little booklet says it all in an easy to understand and immediately apply manner.


I’ve seen the authors present at conferences and I’ve read their Communications Case Studies. This little booklet condenses all their wit and wisdom and energy into one dynamic package!

Although each one of of these 8 ingredients for success is a gem on its own the 43 ways of dealing with clients and customers as well as one’s own work groups will assure not only of business success but also of a viable and comfortable way of being. This booklet is highly recommend for anyone who works with groups, any groups.


A brief communication syllabus to improve communication and increase business success.

Positive People Experiences, 8 ingredients for business success is a short 18 page syllabus type format booklet that has a lot of practical knowledge and experience packed into few pages. The focus is on communication skills and improving client and inter-staff relationships in order to build lasting relationships. Satisfied customers come back and the authors managed to list many important pieces of advice in a short comprehensive text. This publication is of course not a full size textbook and can serve as a reminder after a training or as the start of improving personal communication skills in order to improve your business.


Practical and Encouraging
Straight to the point! Drs. Shadle and Meyer have synthesized a great deal of their wisdom for group communications. What I really like is the laser learning aspect, no need to wade through a hundred pages of war stories to get the nuggets of truth. In an era where time is of the essence, this booklet is worth every dollar you spend and every minute you take to absorb this wisdom. As The Retirement Concierge my clients are families with estates that need managing. I can see how this booklet will be of great service for sensitive family conferences.
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Concise Guide for today’s busy executive — and parent.
Drs. Shadle and Meyer have combined their life experiences into a concise set of rules and reminders to have a more successful business, and life! We all need to up our game in this fast paced word and Positive People Experiences will help you fine tune your key relationships — whether in person or on-line.
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Easy to Read but Full of Wisdom
A very good guide to communications.
From authors with a remarkable range of life and work experience.


Empathy, Respect and Equality

Watch for what you can learn. Being other-focused, listening, paraphrasing, and checking your perception gives you more information about the other person’s viewpoints, intentions, and reasoning, as long as you are ready to learn something new.

This tip is invaluable in many kinds of communication and relationships. It encompasses empathy, respect and equality, which are necessary for a felt sense of our interconnectedness with one another. For helping professionals, this booklet is an invaluable alternative to the “sage on the stage” approach that (mis)guided much of my 40-year college teaching career. Thanks so much, Carolyn and John.


“8 Ingredients” is Just Right
Carolyn Shadle and John Meyer have created the ultimate DIY Recipe Booklet for Business Success. Their new 16 page book – Positive People Experiences – 8 Ingredients for Business Success easily outlines the What, Why and How to succeed in business. They keep the directions short and clear; engaging their reader from the start thereby encouraging them to stay with the booklet from beginning to end.

For someone like me, who helps mediate disagreements between people who provide services to pet owners, the core of their message struck at the heart of my practice. Addressing the needs of your clients first, deciding to keep your clients as clients and appreciating the way they look at things, enables the business owner to apply all 43 steps of the 8 Ingredients for the benefit and expansion of their positive people establishments.

I now offer the 8 Ingredients for Business Success as a guide for my clients to read before we engage in mediation. It gives them a template in conflict from which they can chose peace and prosperity.

Guaranteed — a 15-minute read of this booklet will build your confidence and give you heaps of good tips to build your business. Buy them for your clients.