Online Reviews: Opportunity or Disaster?

Online Reviews: Opportunity or Disaster?

Managing your reputation is important, and you’ll find some tips for your practice in our article in the March issue of TRENDS Magazine, published by the American Animal Hospital Association.

You’ll find admonitions to (1) Understand the review site (whether it’s Yelp or Google or Facebook); (2) Be objective. In spite of what you might think, 79% of review are three-star or above; (3) Encourage reviews and read how some practices do this; (4) Monitor postings; (5) Respond to reviews (carefully and with empathy); (6) Increase the number of positive reviews. And see how you can make this happen.

Our article also includes a review of several middleware tools and tracking services that you will find useful.

To read the entire article, go to AAHA or in our Articles and Cases section.

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