Workshop for San Diego Veterinarian

Ark Animal Hospital

of San Diego

won the drawing for a free workshop to refresh
communication skills in their veterinary clinic.

You can read about the workshop on our blog entitled, “Steps to Empathy.”

If you’d like a workshop, contact
Phone: 858-450-5343

You’ll find that our training to be unique. We use communication case studies, which are a fun way to learn. There are lots of communication training resources available, but we advise you not to bother with another one unless you can find something unique – something that applies to your veterinary practice and something which you can readily apply. 

Our book of communication cases for vets WON FIRST PRIZE in the San Diego Book Awards in the Business and Science category! The workshop we are offering is based on the case study approach.  (Did I say that it’s a fun way to learn?!)

Communication Case Studies:Building Interpersonal Skills for the Veterinary Practice is a book that you can utilize with members of your team. By reading and discussing cases (or even role playing), you can have a shared experience that is fun and valuable for the success of your business and your career.

Through the cases you will identify with the characters. You’ll meet people whose behavior is all too familiar!  You’ll laugh and you’ll cringe- and you’ll learn.