Your Clients Perceive You. Listen

How Do Your Clients Perceive You? Listen You’ve heard the phrase, “Perception is reality.” In other words, how people perceive something is what is real to them. Facts and information to the contrary, what your client believes to be true … Continue reading

Continuing Education to Help Veterinarians Set Prices

This blogs lists several continuing education opportunities for veterinarians to learn how to set prices.

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How Does Your Practice Set Your Prices?

Veterinary practices used various ways to set their prices. This blog is one of four blogs which describe tools available to veterinary practices when setting prices.

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Price-shopping for Veterinary Services

How Do Pet Owners Know What Vet Services Cost? This is the question we have addressed in the June 2015 issue of Trends Magazine, published by the American Animal Hospital Association. In the article we addressed four questions: Do clients … Continue reading

More on Branding

Five More Strategies You Can Use to Define Your Brand As we discussed in our last blog, the process of defining your brand is important for the new practice crafting its mission and vision. It is also relevant for the … Continue reading

Alternative to Communication Roadblocks

Alternative to Communication Roadblocks  You are tired of being a floor mat, stepped on all the time. The kids walk all over you. Your colleagues ignore you. Your boss never hears you.  You have decided that you have to learn … Continue reading