Maintain the Personal Touch

Maintain the Personal Touch In order to individualize your customer services, you will want to maintain a personal touch. We have written an article, published in the December 2016 issue of TRENDS magazine, which outlines a number of ways you … Continue reading

How Does Your Practice Set Your Prices?

Veterinary practices used various ways to set their prices. This blog is one of four blogs which describe tools available to veterinary practices when setting prices.

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Six Ways Veterinary Practices Can Improve Their Data Security

Six Ways Veterinary Practices Can Improve Their Data Security In our previous blogs we have been sharing with you concerns that every business has with data security. The material is drawn from our article entitled, “Secure Your Data,” appearing in … Continue reading

Imagine a Data Breach

Imagine what could happen. You are enjoying a staff holiday party when the police come and arrest your receptionist, in front of the entire staff! That is just what happened to a Los Gatos, CA small animal practice. Their receptionist … Continue reading

Manage on a Budget

Manage on a Budget We hope you’re been with us as we’ve walked through the eight ways to “stay from behind the 8 ball” in your practice’s financial matters. (We took a detour for a few weeks to report other … Continue reading

Financial Management: Get the Right Tools

Get the Right Tools for Your Financial Management Tasks  If you’ve ever tried repairs in your home, you know that the work progresses better when you are working with the right tools. A dull saw? A screw driver that is … Continue reading