Maintain the Personal Touch

Maintain the Personal Touch In order to individualize your customer services, you will want to maintain a personal touch. We have written an article, published in the December 2016 issue of TRENDS magazine, which outlines a number of ways you … Continue reading

Understand Personality Types to Individualize Your Customer Service

Understand Personality Types to Individualize Your Customer Service In our last post, we talked about “listening to the music, as well as the lyric” in order to focus individually on your customers. Individualizing customer service can also mean focusing on … Continue reading

Your Clients Perceive You. Listen

How Do Your Clients Perceive You? Listen You’ve heard the phrase, “Perception is reality.” In other words, how people perceive something is what is real to them. Facts and information to the contrary, what your client believes to be true … Continue reading

Set the Stage for a Memorable Experience

Set the Stage for a Memorable ExperienceWalt Disney discovered how to create an “experience” for his visitors. He took a common activity like the enjoyment of amusement park rides, often encountered in a dirty and noisy town fair, and turned … Continue reading

Avoidance – The Enemy of Courtesy

The Enemy of Courtesy is Avoidance One of the realities we live with is that clients form impressions on their first visit based on what they see, hear and smell. It’s an old adage that you never get a second … Continue reading

Data Security – It’s the Law

Data Security – It’s the Law Losing data is disruptive. Exposing personal data can be embarrassing. Worse, loss of identity data can result in legal problems. As stated in Animal Health Solution, “compliance with the identity theft prevention laws is … Continue reading