Your Clients Perceive You. Listen

How Do Your Clients Perceive You? Listen You’ve heard the phrase, “Perception is reality.” In other words, how people perceive something is what is real to them. Facts and information to the contrary, what your client believes to be true … Continue reading

Positive People Experiences

Positive People Experiences was featured in the La Jolla Village News column, “Doing it Better,” by Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D.,March 27, 2015, page 19. click to read online.   Natasha wrote, “Although it is written as a communication tool for clients … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Be Ready For Your Thanksgiving Cornucopia – 6 Things to RememberThanksgiving is a time when we celebrate bounty with a variety of foods. This year, think about the bounty of people around your table.  They bring a variety of appearances, … Continue reading

Five Things to Do To Build A Team That Works Efficiently

Second in a series of articles to help build efficiency in the veterinary practice is our article on what it takes to build a team that works efficiently. It appears in the June, 2014 issue of TRENDS magazine, published by … Continue reading

Steps to Empathy

  Empathy in the workplace is a skill that everyone needs and can review from time to time.  We had an opportunity to do just that with the staff from The Ark Animal Hospital of San Diego. The Ark Animal … Continue reading

Four Fast Talkers in the Veterinary Clinic

Did you find the February issue of Fast Company magazine? It’s the one that says “SPEAK UP!”  on the front cover and  “LISTEN UP” on the back.  As I mentioned in my last blog, it’s so packed with great advice. … Continue reading