Communication Book

Buy the book that will enable you to learn the interpersonal skills that are key to your career and workplace success.

Buy the book from AAHACommunication Case Studies: Building Interpersonal Skills in the Veterinary Practice provides the tools you need to deal with common communication challenges that arise among all veterinary clinic members – in fact, in all workplaces. In addition to cases drawn from real-life situations and suggestions on  to learn from them, you will find a primer on communication theory, verbal and  nonverbal communication, rhetoric, and the dynamics of small-group relations.  You can buy the book here, from Amazon or from the publisher, AAHA.
Each case study encourages problem solving and discussion among staff that will improve retention, foster trust and promote clearer expression in workplace interactions.
You’ll find:
            * 15 real-world case studies for all levels of staff
            * 64 action tips
            * an overview of communication basics
            * guidelines and questions for discussion
            * communication quizzes
Enjoy a “live” review of the book by the authors, recorded at the AAHA Conference:

Topics covered include:

Workplace Communication

Body language

Linear communication

Transactional communication



Conflict resolution

Problem Solving

Cross-cultural communication

Negotiating skills

Team building


Organizational culture